Team photo 2017
Team photo 2017

Our Story

Bell High School Robotics is a relatively new club started by passionate grade 9s with high hopes and determination to succeed in robotics competitions. The team participates in a lot of local competitions and is hoping to compete against other schools at Provincial or even at the National level. The team hopes to continue building the club and integrating future students at Bell High School to join the team, by doing so the students will be able to learn from hands-on experience, expand their knowledge of science and technology, and of course have fun!

What makes us stand out?

The Bell High School Robotics club is different in that it is student run with teachers just supervising. The students are the ones that make all of the financial decisions as Bell High School is a public school, and the team does not receive any funding from the school.

The students on the team are all passionate about STEM fields and taking the initiative to go beyond what they learn in the classroom. Most importantly, the team is comprised of students from all kinds of ethnical backgrounds which is crucial to the social importance of STEM education.

Mission and Aims

Bruins Robotics has several aims: to foster interest in robotics through competition, to cultivate a relationship with the surrounding Ottawa community, and much closer to home, to create a core community at Bell High School via the “Team First, Robotics Second” philosophy, which prioritizes team bonding and growth along with engineering accomplishment.

Bell High School Robotics ultimate goals are to advance in robotics through competition across the globe, and most importantly, to spread our knowledge and passion to future generations of students at Bell High School and the surrounding Ottawa community

Executive Team

These are the people that manage the behind the scenes of the Robotics Team, they spend countless hours organizing and planning out the courses of action

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Ayush Bhargava

Co-President and Head of Vex Robotics

Ayush Bhargava is really passionate about Vex and aspires for the Vex Robotics team to make Vex Worlds in Louisville. Ayush has competition experience in LEGO


Alan Guan

Co-President & Outreach Manager + Head of electronics

Alan is very energetic and determined for Bruins Robotics to succeed, backed up with his strong love for technology and his competition experience as he competed at the provincial level in 2015.

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Adam MacPherson

Co-President and Head of Arduino operations

Adam is very passionate about robotics, backed up with several years of experience in Arduino. He is determined to lead a team of students to success in Arduino competitions.

Meera Aggarwal

Director of Finance and Secretary

Mr. Bergeron

Teacher Supervisor and Treasurer of Funds

Mr. Bergeron dedicates several hours every week to help mentor and supervise Bell High School Robotics. He is very supportive and helps manage the clubs finances as well as all of the robotics equipment. During the day Mr. Bergeron teaches Physics to students at Bell High School