IEEE Arduino Competition

Our robotics club participates in the local IEEE Ottawa competition every year. The competition introduced its first ever Arduino based challenge in 2016.

Arduino is an open-source platform that will provide students an opportunity to learn a programming language used in the engineering and technology fields.  

Our club attend local competitions to work with other teams in our area to raise awareness of the robotics movement and value of STEM Education. 

Left: The green arm competition in action!

Green Arm Challenge

Teams construct and program a robotic arm to sort black, green, blue and red blocks. The robot must autonomously sort the blocks in the matching conveyor. The conveyors are arranged in a semicircle around the robot and each conveyor (including the loading dock) is 45 degrees. The robot will be positioned so it can reach each conveyor.

  1. Your robot will be placed in an area where it can reach all the conveyors.
  2. Time will start when the team captain starts the robot.
  3. Time will stop when all the blocks have been placed in the correct section




IBM LRT Detour Challenge

Your task is to program a self-driving robot that can navigate through 3d printed blocks. The 3d blocks change, so the self-driving robot should be able to navigate no matter what detours arise.

  1. At the start of the challenge, you and your team will have come to the contest area, and you may not change your robot’s program while you are competing.
  2. Your robot will be placed in the START area in a specific position.
  3.  Your robot will have 2 minutes to finish the city. Your robot must follow the black lines and avoid obstacles while going through the maze

2017 Green Arm Team

  • Alan Guan
  • Adam Macpherson
  • Tyler Justus
  • Ben Barbeau

2017 LRT Detour Team

  • Cameron Ritchie
  • Raymond Wu
  • Ayush Bhargava
  • Matt Hemmerich