Bell Junior Robotics (Grades 7-8)

Bell's Junior Robotics Team was just recently created in September 2017. The main purpose of the junior robotics team is to prepare the young students for Vex Robotics and Arduino. Aside from that, we also hope the junior robotics program will inspire a younger generation as well as enhance there STEM education.



Lego Robotics and Skills Ontario

Lego Mindstorms (Robotics) is a hardware and software platform developed by Lego. All versions of the platform include a brick or microcontroller that is programmable to control Lego sensors and motors. The platform is extremely beginner friendly and geared towards youth ranging from grades 4 - 8 as the software is drag and drop and the building is based on Lego Building Blocks.

The Skills Ontario Competition and Career Exploration Exposition, hosted by Skills Ontario, is an annual event to promote interest and careers in the skilled trades and technologies. Skills Ontario is Canada's largest skilled trades competition with thousands of students competing in various contest areas ranging from Carpentry all the way to Robotics.

The lego robotics event at Skills Ontario requires students to program an autonomous robot capable of accomplishing specific tests. In order for students to progress to the provincial level, they must be contest winners at the regional level.