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We are a team of 17 students from a variety of disciplines.  By supporting Bell H.S Robotics, you are helping a team of enthusiastic students build, test, and compete internationally with our robots. In addition, you are aiding the training of future engineers, scientists, and businessmen via the opportunity to engage in hands-on experience in their fields. 

If you are interested in sponsoring Bell H.S Robotics please have a look at our 2018-2019 Sponsorship Package:

Sponsorship Package 2018-2019

Why Sponsor Us?

Bell High School Robotics is unique in that the team is completely student driven with all of the decisions being made by students. The students are also the ones researching and learning how to use the complex systems and the students only seek support if they are stuck on a problem.

By sponsoring Bell High School Robotics, you will be helping a group of ambitious and dedicated students to pursue their passion for engineering. Promotion for your company will be featured prominently on our website as well as in our future publications. As we wear your name with pride, your company will be in the spotlight across the almost Bell High School and Ottawa Robotics community and in front of an audience of students from around the world at the Vex Worlds competition, we hope to attend next year with your support.

Sponsorship Package 2017-2018

Other ways you can support US

You can support Bell High School Robotics in various ways:

1. Financial donation

2. In-kind donation

3. Anything that would cheer up 17 High School Students (Gift cards, food discounts, and so on!)

Please feel free to contact Us if you have any questions regarding donations/sponsorships

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Please consider donating as every dollar counts towards meeting our goals, and your money will help empower us to meet them by having access to more resources.